As Alex Stewart, we speak the same language with sea oriented experts wherever you required.


Independent, trustworthy and internationally accepted certification.


Delivering the most precise and prompt assaying and analytical services.

Alex Stewart is a leading worldwide monitoring, inspection, analysis and certification company. It provides services with a specialized team for a wide range of sectors. Having a long standing perfect reputation, diversity in accreditation and with business experts Alex Stewart has reputable, worldwide accepted and trustworthy positioning in the business environment. Our professional and technically experienced inspectors, cargo surveyors provide high quality inspection services to meet the specific requirements of industry and commerce in a way

  • Reducing commercial risks,
  • Maintaining Commercial reputation and interests,
  • Improving smooth commercial process,,

and finally providing safer trade.


Why Choose Alex Stewart?

Experience: Alex Stewart Denetim ve Analiz Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti. and its global partners have a wealth of experience and expertise.

Unique Competence: Highly qualified and experienced chemists use state-of-the-art analytical and laboratory equipment for the most precise results.

Service Quality: Alex Stewart International is accredited to ISO standards. Customers benefit from a dependable, quality-focused approach every time they utilise the Alex Stewart service.

Global Footprint: The company's presence in more than 40 countries assures fast, flexible and comprehensive results.

International Trade Accreditations: Globally recognised standards organisations recognise the excellence of the multi-faceted Alex Stewart International’s service.

These include:

  • United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS)
  • Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA)
  • London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
  • Tantalum and Niobium International Center (TIC)
  • Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA)
  • Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA)
  • Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
  • Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Cost: Alex Stewart International prides itself on its ability to deliver cost-effective services without compromising on quality or responsiveness.

Technology: The advanced IT service infrastructure includes such time-sensitive benefits as online quotation requests and online tracking.

Who Chooses Alex Stewart ?

  • Producers
  • Buyers, traders and banks
  • Freight forwarders and shipping agents
  • Other testing agencies
  • Refineries
  • Environmental consultants
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Governments